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Multiscroll WordPress Plugin

Created: 05/01/2016 m/d/y
By: RayoflightThemes

Thank you for purchasing Multiscroll WordPress Plugin. Please read documentation and follow instructions for set-up.

If you have questions please send email through Rayoflightthemes Themeforest contact form using account that you purchased theme with to confirm purchase.

Before contact please read more about support on Rayoflightthemes profile page.

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Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Steps for plugin set-up - READ FIRST!
  2. Basic plugin structure (how plugin works)
  3. Shortcodes
  4. Plugin translation
  5. CSS files
  6. JS files
  7. PHP files
  8. Sources and credits

Steps for plugin set-up - top

Basic plugin structure (how plugin works) - top

When you activate plugin new custom post type will appear named Multiscroll. Every post in it is one half of one page section in scroll plugin structure. Every post can have custom color or image for background and featured image on right, center or left side of posts, which can be set in options below post. You can use specific shortcodes (see details below) to add text content. Also you can add text content as simple text in post text editor using it's options like tags, color, alignment for text etc. All that options can be implemented on specific shortcodes also.

IMPORTANT! Be aware that every odd number is left half of one page section and every even number is right half of page section. It is important to always have even number of posts created for plugin to works correct!

IMPORTANT! Use featured image to upload image that should appear on post. Always use images at least 500px wide! If you have really small images below 100px wide you can add them in post's text editor via option "add media" but be aware that they won't be responsive on smaller screens like featured image that will be.

Shortcodes - top

Shortcode list

Use only available variables for shortcodes. Which variables are available for certain shortcode will be shown below in shortcode list


Multiscroll plugin's main shortcode for plugin content.
Paste it in page where you want plugin content to appear. It is recommended to use blank new page. Shortcodes multiscroll2 and multiscroll3 are for new added post types multiscroll2 and multiscroll3 in plugin version 1.0.3. Use only one multiscroll shortcode per page!





Multiscroll button shortcode


Example with attributes

[rt_multiscroll_button url="YOUR LINK HERE" content="button text" color="white" position="center" target="_blank"]


url - For link.

content - For button text.

color - For button color. Options are : 1. white 2. black

position - For button alignment. Options are : 1. left 2. center 3. right

target - Where link will open. In new page or the same page. Options are : 1. _blank 2. _self.


Multiscroll specific text shortcodes


There are 8 text sizes, numbers from 1 to 8. Smaller numbers are for smaller font.

Example with attributes

[multiscroll_text5 content="your text here" fontfamily="montserrat"]


content - For text.

fontfamily - For font used. Options are : 1. montserrat (default) 2. domine (Only 2 font families are available at the moment. May be more in theme updates.)

Plugin translation - top - top

Activate translation plugin (can use Polylang). Check if settings/languages tab in Dashboard appears. In folder "languages" default po and mo files are included. To translate text strings in plugin, please rename default.po and files to "language code" for language you want to translate in, for example if you translate to Portugales language code is "pt_BR" so default.po and should be renamed to "pt_BR.po" and "" Then open po file with Poedit and translate text strings that will appear . More details about WordPress translation here:

CSS files - top

In admin folder - admin css files meta-box-styles.css, in public folder - public css files multiscroll.css and style.css

JS files - top

In admin folder - meta-box-color.js and meta-box-image.js for metabox admin style, in public folder - easing.js, multiscroll.js and sctipts.js

PHP files - top

In includes folder all plugin's needed php files.

Sources and Credits - top

More about js and css files credit you can find in js and css file’s headers

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. If you have more general question relating to plugins, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


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